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Aberdeen Airport is the gateway to Europe’s energy capital, serving more than three million travellers a year. It is the world’s busiest commercial heliport, transporting more than 500,000 passengers in support of the North Sea oil and gas industry.
Passenger statistics
Passengers per year: 2.8 million in 2010 Average of 7,600 passengers a day.Over 600,000 passengers fly between Aberdeen and Heathrow every year. Some 2,900 people work at Aberdeen Airport, more than 250 of them directly for BAA.
Chartered Flights that fly from Aberdeen airport include Airtours,Direct Holidays,Manos Holidays,Thomas Cook,Balkan Holidays,Newmarket Air Holidays.

Airlines that fly from Aberdeen Airport include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Flybe,    Eastern Airways, Wideroe, Balkan Holidays, Eastern Airways, Newmarket Holidays,SAS, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, First Choice, easyJet, British Airways, bmi, Barrhead Travel, Thomson Airways, Air Southwest, just some of the airline companys that use Aberdeen Airport

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